Crissing to Sadlerochit from Lake Peters

Anyone walked over to Sadlerochit from there? Where did you make the crossing? Sadlerochit paddable from that point North?

I have not walked from Lake Peters, but rather from the Marsh Fork via Cache/Snow creeks. At moderate (?) water levels, we were able to start paddling the Sadlerochit at Fire Creek, but there was not enough volume above that. We also thought that Kekiktuk might have enough water for a packraft…Will be interested to hear what you find!

I had not looked on here since we went last year. We were there first day or so of July in 2016. We crossed from Lake Shraeder almost due west, the pass north of Spawning Creek, or two passes south of Okiatak peak. Once we hit the Sadler, we walk two miles north along the creek until a creek from east joined. Then we barely had enough water to float but we floated only getting stuck once or twice. Water was amazingly clear. The canyon north of limestone has some great water falls, so beautiful. Anyway ,very tempermental stretch we put in on. How is the crossing from Canning via Snow creek? Looks about what would would expect in that area. Willows, moderate grade…??