Copper Canyon beta

step 1: go to

step 2: click on “links” in the top navigation bar

step 3: click on "topo maps"

step 4: open a directory or two and take a look

step 5: shit in pants! topos of pretty much everything, with areas drained, gradient, and kilometers marked out on all of them!

step 6: click on “join” in the top navigation bar

step 7: follow directions and send some money to SierraRios, because progress is afoot in Mexico–many proposed dams in paradise

step 8: look at the rest of the site, lose sleep for weeks on end, daydream constantly, plan a trip

Wow. That’s an incredible resource…


Did you send the guy in Seattle $30? Did he send you any maps?

Sent money, didn’t indicate I needed any maps though (been printing them at home). Haven’t been home yet to see if something came, but didn’t sound like he was quite ready with anything yet.

Hey Roman, made it home and found a dvd with some Copper Canyon runs from sierrarios waiting. I had to mute the music and put on the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, but they showed some ripe boating during the wet season. (no maps).

we want to go there maybe in November? What do you think about then?

bueno. i want to check it out in october or november myself, december is the earliest ive been. seems like a good time to find something in between the low winter clear and the raging browns in august and september.