Clear Creek variation

Did a variation to the Curry-Clear creek packraft last week. Three of us flew into Heart lake, just East of the canyon section of Clear Creek. A short bushwack takes you to the creek and 4.5 hours float gets you back to Talkeetna. We’d never done the float before, so we’re not sure how much of the fun boating we missed. We do recommend hiking slightly North from the lake so that you don’t miss a really cool rock buttress section of the creek. The cost was $185 for a 206 load from Fish Lake with Bush Air. Max weight allowed was 760 lbs, so you could just barely squeeze 4 lighter paddlers and gear in one load. This is a great option for those wanting to do Clear Creek but only have one day to work with. We got it done after work (we all work in Talkeetna) and were back on the beach by 11:30pm. Roughly 6.5 hours roundtrip.