Clear Creek Alaska - packraft trip 2017

Dear Forum

We are interested in information regarding packrafting Clear Creek (near Talkeetna AK) either this July 4th week or in August. It will be a Father/Daughter trip. She is a very accomplished canoe paddler with years of experience, I am a cataraft rower. Both of us are new to packrafts. We will take a two Alpacka rafts entering the river above the power lines, exit at Talkeetna. We are experienced back country, just new to packrafting. This will be an overnight trip. I will take a 2 day packraft course in June in Willow.

My questions are:
What general advice do you have for this trip?
Any unique gear recommended?
Boat damage from shale impact has be reported, are these spots identifiable and avoidable?
The canyon is reported Class III, is this relatively accurate?
How much do water levels affect the Class designation?
Do you have a recommended not too exceed water level? The level above which abort the float. Is there a minimum water level?
Can the canyon sections be “lined” or portaged?
We have had more snow this year, since Clear Creek is not glacial fed, is August a better option than July?
Of course there is fishing, any advice? Would you recommend spending more time fishing above and through the canyon before getting to the “more crowded” lower section?
Any fishing gear recommendations? Beads, streamers, we use fly fishing gear.
Any questions I neglected to ask?

Thank you

I floated this with 2 friends last year from above the canyon back to Talkeetna. It was probably a little on the lower side of normal flows - we didn’t have any problems at all. Probably should go earlier rather than later because I think it gets a bit bony. We did not fish.

Iv heard bears can get bad during the fishing season so that’s one thing to be aware of. The brush also is bad from what I have read and it seems like most people go in June before it gets to bad. I was planning on doing this float next weekend but I think we might do windy creek instead just to avoid the brush.