Clean Mtn Can - poop container - great for long self support trips - CLEAN - 40$

I used this on one Grand Canyon trip. It never had poop directly in it, it has no smells whatsoever. The poop system I used means the poop goes in 1 bag + magic powder first then inside a loksak zip lock bag and then inside the canister. There was no smell in the boat whatsoever. I am happy to provide details to this system if anyone is interested. Not including pics with mine as really it looks like new plus some minor scratches and there is nothing to see. Some people made modifications to it by adding padding on the top to use it as a seat too, but mine has no modifications. Here is the product new:

Remind me to include some poop supplies with it as I have extras.

Local in CO ideally, or if you pay shipping then I can ship.

Where in CO are you?

Hi! I am in the Buena Vista area.