Class IV/V boat?

Ok so I’ve seen a snippet of the new boat coming out, this winter? The new website looks modern. The new boat looks insane. 10 lbs… Thicker tubes? Better spray skirt seal? Thick floor? More rigid floor? The cockpit looks like what Luc Mehl had in mind all along. The few photos I’ve seen seem to make it look as comfortable submerged as it does when floating. Who knows more that can share something, anything more about it? Please Alpacka, don’t try to be Apple! Planned obsolescence isn’t for this sport. I’m already feeling foolish for having bought a brand new Llama 6 months before this new product is introduced. Someone please tell me the yet to be named raft isn’t as cool as it looks! Haha.

Good luck getting any more info, I have emailed they with a list of technical questions, simple questions like what is the denier of the fabric, none of which got answered. Sounds like they still have not even decided what spray skirt to go with. I was told that they would update the website to answer some questions (that was almost two weeks ago) still no update. This seems to be a reoccurring thing. I got one of the first cargo fly’s installed, before I got it I tried to get some technical info and the only response I got was “Sherry knows what she is doing”, but no actual answers. After 5-6 emails telling them they are not answering the simple questions I am asking I gave up and ordered it anyway. The one I got had backward zippers and not glued down to the boat. Same thing with the whitewater spray skirt when it came out. They sold a few then changed the design of the hoop for the skirt. The only way I even found that out was the one I had fell apart and upon contacting them was told they changed the design. The idea that “we are Alpacka” and do not need to give anything more than a picture and “sherry knows what she is doing” are not answers a company should be telling customers with technical questions.
My advise is hold out for a few months and maybe they can get the boat dialed out for what they are actually going to be selling. Apparently 2,3,4 years is not enough time.

Here is the link to the only information I can currently find:

If you click on the order tab there is a “What’s Included” section on the bottom.

What exactly does it mean by a 2-piece frame? Why the necessity for a hand pump? Is the floor material different? How is this boat superior in whitewater to an Alpacka outfitted with thigh straps and a back-band?

I’ve been thinking about this over the weekend - and I do not believe ‘planned obsolescence’ is what Alpacka is going for here. It seems to me that they are releasing a boat that is very purpose designed for specifically running whitewater. I don’t get the impression that this boat is meant to replace their ‘classic’ boat (yak/llama) - i think it’s more of a quiver piece for people whose specific objective is hiking in to access class IV+ whitewater where they don’t want to carry a 50lb+ creek boat. If your main objective with packrafting is single -to- multi-day backpacking trips where you might run a couple III+ to easy IV then I think the Llama you purchased will be perfect and you bought the right boat.

As for the lack of technical info - I don’t know about that, but my guess is some of it has to do with proprietary information and the rest is probably just working out the last remaining details. I work in product creation and know that nothing is ever ‘finished’ - Just my 2 cents.

John I talked with the guys at PackraftAlaska and they will be adding them to their rental fleet for spring. We will have to pick some up and give them a try. I want to make sure I like them before dropping 2K on a packraft.

Good idea - definitely would like to try before I buy.

Looking at the pictures I’m not really impressed with the visible main design changes (knee cups, foot braces, better seat). I’d be seriously surprised if they could improve on the combination of thigh-straps and a backband that many of us are using.

I’d love to hear more about the new boat material, dimensions, floor material, spray-skirt, 2 piece frame, and the possibility of multiple tubes.

They’ve updated the technical specs on the whitewater site:

I think Alpacka is busy trying to meet demand, keeping boats going out the door as fast as orders are coming in.

I know they’re working on a new website too, and they’re still in the process of moving into and getting used to their new digs. Busybusybusy in Mancos.

The new WW boat is a few # heavier and packs bigger than a Llama. No comparison in your pack, nor on the water.

Someone else in this thread wrote: “I’d be seriously surprised if they could improve on the combination of thigh-straps and a backband that many of us are using.”

To which I say–prepare to be surprised. I’d not go back to thigh straps/backband for any reason. The newer arrangement is lighter, packs smaller, is easier to set up, easier to adjust, and just plain locks you into the boat better. 100% better.

Mike C,
what is the max load of gear(in lbs and liter) could you put in the smaller tube of the Alpackalypse?

Both the 10" tubed and 12" tubed boats are the same in that I cannot imagine a scenario where I’d be able to haul on my back what those tubes can easily swallow.

Put another way, even the smaller tubes of the WW boat can handle way more weight and volume than my back can. So whatever load I can haul in a pack into the backcountry, the boat can swallow with ease.