Class IV gear and technique

Building on Media Feliz’s 101 instructional videos, here are some notes and links for class IV gear, technique, and safety.



Great tips. I have one more, although it may be sacrilegious to say on this forum.

If you really want to learn to paddle-learn to paddle a hardshell. Better yet, learn to paddle a hardshell first.

I recently bought a hardshell and I can’t believe the poor paddling skills/habits the packraft was letting me get away with.

Great layout in segments, look at Steep Creek Skills, the Liquid Logic video on the Green, it is excellent too.
I would like to re-emphasize a piece on the low brace, he mentioned it kinda quick then moved on, very important. It is really important to roll your paddle after the brace when you move it forward, the bend in the blade will catch water if you don’t, and acts like suction on the blade. Slap, brace, roll paddle, move it forward in one motion. I have also found it is not the brace of choice when landing ledges or falls, a high brace is better because your paddle should be posistioned to use a forward stroke to pull out of the backwash, a low brace compromises this because you have to restab the paddle, too late usually, then you get backsurfed. I think the low brace is awesome for steep rocky drops though, where your paddle should be close to the water anyway. Great clips Luc, your a beast

That link isn’t working for me, but does.

The packrafting-specific swiftwater rescue class from SSI that Luc mentions in his blog was pretty great. Roman advertised it on these forums. That one was put together as part of Alaska Pacific University’s packrafting class. It was especially awesome to get exposure to people with a lot more experience and capability than me.

Thanks Luc!

Your link was helpful to me.