Chuck River, Windham Bay

Here is an exciting thing in my life.

Windham Bay, about 70 miles south of Juneau offers the Chuck river. A high-ish flow clear creek. It appears to support a pretty healthy Elk and Elk hunting population so there are great game trails to follow. Lower mile of river is class I. Scouted one mile past the junction with Sylvia creek. River constricts to a canyon with ample rock fall. Expect Class II to III+. We did not run this section due to limitations of partners ability.

It would be worth checking out upper section of river. Much less down wood and ample flow for boating. There is also an option of walking in on logging trails from Hobart Bay.

This is a day trip from Juneau and has excellent anchorage as well as game trails. I am exciting about further exploration of this creek. Historic gold mining area as well.