Chile packraft trip Nov.-Dec. 2018

Would like to plan a packrafting trip for November and December 2018 in southern Chile. I only plan on doing extensive Backcountry packrafting trips if I find a partner. Otherwise I will just be bringing my Flatwater pack raft and doing less risk front country trips. If anyone is up to plan for a float or multiple floats there, I plan on being there for around a month or so during those dates. Please email me on here or contact me via message and we can work out the details and Logistics of our gear and safety.


I am a bit new in the packrafting game, but I plan to hike and packraft a bit of the greater patagonian trail ( but in december/january.
I should start from stage 17.
It would be nice to share a bit of the road.


Howdy folks, I have some spare time in November and December, and would consider a trip to South America to do some adventuring.

Have you guys put a trip together, and still looking for partners?

I’ve been packrafting for a couple years…mostly here in Washington state, but I did a cool trip to the Brooks Range in 2016, floating the Upper Kobuk. Besides packrafting, I am an alpine climber of 20 years, super fit, and avid traveler. Would love to join up with some cool peeps for a rad trip.

Feel free to PM me if you are looking for any sort of partnership! Or, better yet…email me at therunningdog a yahoo.

Some links to pictures from my trip to the Brooks Range:


Hi guys,
Have you actually gone on this trip?
Any experience/info to share?
What about water level and safety?