Cheapy for fishing?

found a cheap inflatable kayak, i found online(couldn’t post the URL as I am new)

its a Coleman sit on top Sevylor kayak. Anyone have one or used one?

It costs $90 delivered, which seems like a cheap flat water option to do a spot of fishing in remote places. does anyone know if they are too heavy to hike with?

Which model of these are you looking at?

They are generally too heavy (around 10kg) for any serious longer trip walk in options but for a day trip they would be ok. I use my packraft for extended fishing trips into remote areas - boat, paddle & tackle total ends up around 4 kg, I really cut my other gear weights to compensate


This video of mine features a budget Sevylor sit on kayak in use by a buddy, it went very well on this trip,

I was impressed at how tough it was and how well it handled the white water for a budget boat. I think if you can carry one (the weight) then there would be no problem with using one as a budget fishing platform especially on flat water.


yes, its the Sit On Top Kayak 1P featured on that Coleman page Steve.

curious as to how they paddle, ie for exploring flat water(up creeks, estuaries, lakes etc).

I figure for 90 dollars you can’t go wrong…but then again…if its complete junk its 90 dollars which finds its way into the wheely bin pretty quickly.(in which case its not really worth it)