Charlevoix, QC

I’ve found the packraft to be the perfect vehicle for exploring the small rivers of Charlevoix county, Quebec. We had an amazing trip on the Petit Saguenay, 2 days from the ZEC Lac au Sable out to the road at Sagard (it’s through private property–ask Paul Desmarais for permission). There were 6 waterfalls we portaged, including one where we saw salmon jumping. The Jean Noel is a fun little run at high water. I even did the Comporte from my property (Chutes St. Georges) down to the Malbaie, portaging around Fraser Falls, but it was a bit too small. I did a tiny section of the Gouffre and hope to do more. The Malbaie, of course, is nice, and I want to do a longer trip down the whole thing from Lac Malbaie. I also enjoyed taking my dory out on the St. Lawrence one day. Can’t wait to get back up there.