Chacabuco Valley

Had a quick trip with my family in the Chacabuco Valley, home of the future Parque Patagonia. We were only in the valley for a few nights, but there are some interesting opportunities for short packraft trips here. The Chacabuco River is pretty mild through most of the valley from what I can see and the little I paddled. There’s some rougher stuff further down river closer to the park headquarters.

Another interesting place is the Aviles River which flows into the Chacabuco from a narrow canyon. It’s way out of my league, but it may be possible for those with more skill and boating partners. I couldn’t get a good look in the steeper section of the canyon (see photos below). Might be possibilities to put in further up if backpacking in from the Jeinemeni Mountains? If not, a good spot just below the upper suspension bridge (again, see photos). Again, this looks like pretty rough stuff. I’m still a novice, so don’t know how possible it is.

I only ran a short section of the Chacabuco starting about a kilometer upstream from Casa Piedra Campground and took out a couple kilometers downstream of the confluence with the Aviles. You can read more about this valley in Forrest’s write up from a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place.

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