Central Colorado partners?


Live in Buena Vista, CO and just got my new packraft, super excited! If anyone wants to meet up for quick excursions this spring and summer let me know. I’m a long time rafter/pseudo kayaker with plenty of river and rescue experience, on the other hand I’m slow’n down in my old age. So I’m sure I’ll gravitate towards class III with maybe a little class IV. I’m perfectly happy on flat water floats through beautiful places as well. I just recently started fly fishing and I’m totally addicted to that too so anything with potential fishing is great.


I just moved to colorado springs and im looking for people to go pack rafting with and find good spots to go. Ive done a lil rafting in alaska to include 16 miles on the keni river.

Hi Dimlock,

Welcome to Colorado! My little town of Buena Vista is about an hour and a half from there up in the hills. I’ll definitely be up for some trips if you’re ever game.

Couple things…

If you’ve never seen it, check out www.mountainbuzz.com. It’s a forum for all things related to floating down the river. I haven’t seen much ‘packraft’ specific stuff on there but they do get about a million times more traffic than this site seems to. It covers the entire country but was started in Colorado and definitely has a rocky mountains emphasis.

I’m planning on some sort of trip to the Dolores river May 12ish if you have any interest. Plan A is to do Slickrock to Bedrock, a super pretty 3 day float with a handful of easy class II/III. This would be more a traditional river trip, requiring a shuttle, but I plan to pack light and take my packraft. I still have to see what shuttle options I might have, especially if it’s just me. My other thought is to just park at the takeout and hike up as far as I can. There is an awesome looking side canyon about 3 miles up called La Sal creek. I have absolutely no idea if it ever has enough water to float, can’t find anything online so far. But there is a trail up it and some hiking reports/pictures make it look like it might be possible during runoff.

Anyway, let me know if you ever want to get out.

Best, eddie