Cargo fly dry bag zippered or roll top?

Hi fellow packrafters,

Was looking at getting a set of Alpacka drybags for the cargo fly in our packrafts and were just wondering if anyone had any advice/experience with using either the roll top or zippered ones?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

I have the roll top dry bags, and a “tru-zip” bow bag. The bow bag pops open all the time, and the truzip truly sucks. It constantly pops open, I can’t even use the bag. Of course they won’t take it back, and they say basically that they know it sucks, that’s why they changed the design of the bow bag.

But it looks like the dry bags use the same zipper? I wouldn’t trust them, personally. The roll-top bags are still “inflatable” if you put the right amount of air in before rolling it, and it’s just one less failure waiting to happen.

Does anyone know of rivers where the zippered bag would actually qualify for a second chamber when the roll-top wouldn’t? This is the only benefit I see, but I have not run into this problem.

@scott.robert.c - Thanks for the info. We ended up going with the roll top dry bags for pretty much that reason - being simpler and one less thing to go wrong. They worked really well on our recent trip into the South Fork. The only consideration was not overpacking them so they didn’t impact the side of the packraft tubes.

I was also wondering whether the zippered bag would qualify for a second chamber for those rivers that require it??