Canyonlands trail advice

Sorry if this is a double-post, I got logged out mid post.

I am planning to do a Canyonlands figure 8 in early April this year, as first described by Forrest McCarthy. Despite my user name this will be a group of 4 - all are backcountry experienced but new to packrafting.

The planned route is in 5 legs:

  1. Hike Indian Creek Canyon from Lockhart Rd to the Colorado
  2. Raft the Colorado from Indian Creek to Spanish Bottom
  3. Hike Spanish Bottom -> The Dollhouse -> Chimney Rock -> South Fork Horse Canyon -> Green river at Stillwater Canyon
  4. Raft Stillwater canyon -> the confluence -> Lower Red Lake Canyon
  5. Hike Lower Red Lake Canyon -> Elephant Hill trailhead

Any beta about any of the legs would be greatly appreciated. I’m most concerned about the descent from South Fork Horse Canyon to Stillwater Canyon. I am bringing 25’ of rope for lowering packs but will not be equipped for technical climbing. (As in extended class 4 and up. I would prefer to limit exposure to class 3 if possible.)

Any tips, thoughts, or favorite area highlights would be greatly appreciated. I will pay it forward with a trip report for future travelers.

Many thanks,