Canyonlands Figure 8

We started at the Confluence Overlook Trailhead, hiked down Big Springs Canyon to Salt Creek Canyon, and took Salt Creek to the Colorado River. In Salt Creek there are two waterfalls that we had to go down. The first one was smaller and had a fixed rope going down it, so we hand lined down. The second waterfall was about 25 feet high and we used our static climbing rope and hand lined down. Once we reached the Colorado River, we packrafted down to the confluence, crossed the Confluence and hiked up the Green River up Powell’s Route, to the Overlook Trail, and down to Water Canyon. We hiked down Water Canyon to the Green River. We inflated the pack rafts and floated the Green River back down to the Confluence, continued down the river to Red Lake Canyon. We hiked up Red Lake Canyon to Cyclone Canyon- to the Confluence Overlook Trail and back to the car. The GoPro died on day 3 in Red Lake Canyon. We did this route in February 2016 and it took us 4 days to complete. Enjoy the “Canyonlands Figure 8”

Thank you so much Hayduke_Lives!
And congratulations for the video.

What’s the deal with that random sketchy ledge traverse around 5:51? What’s the context there?

Once we got to the confluence, we hiked up the green at river level and got cliffed out. We had just walked through some horrible tammarisk so instead of backtracking, we climbed up that wall to level up to the next bench. If I went back and did this route again, I would start high right off the batt and avoid all the tammarisk