Canoe creek to Bob Turners track

Hey all… Damn this packrafting bug has bitten me fairly on the ass.
Did another Colo trip on Friday through Saturday which turned into a bit of a mission due to a bike failure but had a blast anyway. :smiley:

Trip report here for those interested… Darren M: CANOE CREEK TO BOB TURNERS TRACK

Great report/s and amazing pics, what Camera are you using?

I have a Lama and am based on the northern beaches, it would be good to get some of the sydney packrafters together for some trips.

I mainly fish from my raft, but had an awesome time on a what turned out to be a whitewater trip on the south coast earlier this year.

I went for a paddle/fish on the Woronora river last saturday with another mate who also has a llama.



Hey Gus,

The Camera is a Canon G9 which is a couple of years old now. Great little snappy that takes a beating.
I should be able to get a day somewhere in the new year for a paddle. It’s interesting to hear how people are getting into packrafting! It seems to be either fishing or whitewater… I’m hopeless at both!
Where did you head on the south coast trip?

I just bout myself a g11 and have just done a basic photography course with the aim of getting more out of it.

Do you spend much time editing your pics and what program do you use?

Here is the link From our Tuross trip, it has a YouTube vid also:

With all the recent rainfall, I really feel I need to be getting out there and hitting some whitewater!

How deep was Marley lagoon at the deepest point roughly? I’m trying to work out whether it would worth a hike in to fish it, the mystery of not knowing is half the fun I guess!

Would definitely be up for a paddle in the new year.



You wont be disappointed with your camera. I don’t edit any of my photos but use photoshop occasionally for any stich or clone work.

The camera does all the work and I find using the foliage setting is great for bringing out the colours. I tend to sit the camera on a rock and let it use whatever shutter speed it needs without flash. Not so good for fast stuff but it works well in dark places.

Lots of Macro for close ups… just point and shoot.

Ah yes, I remember the video now…Awesome. As for Marley Lagoon and depth??? I really have no idea but there were definitely fish in there. They nearly ended up in the Boat!

Sounds like you need to carry a chain breaker

or a multi tool that has a chain breaker

and a joining link

and maybe buy a decent Whippermans chain ?

I have yet to have one break on me (have had Shitmano ones break) and I am a hefty guy !

Great story ! :slight_smile:

How are you carrying your G9 ? Dry bag ?

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the suggestions on the bike gear. I’ve been getting away without some important bits and pieces for too long so the chainbreaker is on the way and I’ve bought a few quick links for the kit. A decent chain might be the best way to go though.
I think the bike is due for some new running gear.

As for the G9, Ive been trusting an old 20l Sealine drybag (at least 15 years old) which is clipped to my pack with a biner so I can access it while paddling. I’ve been a little worried after coming out of the boat a few times and watching the upturned raft do some drops on it’s own knowing the drybag is dangling underneath! It now goes inside a small lightweight sea to summit bag first.

The camera is really robust although water and condensation would KO the camera quietly.


I have a tough waterproof p&s, I can use it ont he boat or int he water, problem is, the pics are very ordinary in challenging conditions. I bought a small Kinchrome waterproof “toughcase” (Pelican rip off but much cheaper) from Bunnings the other week, tested it by putting a brick in it and dumped it in my Dam, no water got in, so I am okay to take a decent camera in that BUT it adds to the bulk. I had been thinking about using dry bag in a pack like you have done. I just like being able to take it out of my pocket (I have it on a floaty in my top pocket) when I want to grab an on water snap.

I almost bought the same kind of hard case for mine but I was worried about the extra bulk too. The one I saw was still not much bigger than the camera though so I might have another look at it. It does take a bit of fumbling around to get it out after unclipping the biner, unrolling the drybag and then taking it out of the smaller one but I’ve managed to get fairly quick at it.
I’d like a Gopro for video next but I’ve been spending too much lately…maybe in the new year.