Can I damage raft by rolling or folding too tight?

Wasnt sure how tight these boats can be rolled. Any concerns that I may damage the boat? Thoughts?

I haven’t observed any damage to result from tight rolling. The boats have to be rolled down pretty tight to get them into the stuff sacks anyway, and I’ve forced boats into a shoebox to mail a time or two. The stuff is pretty tough.

I’m always a fan of a very tight roll to pack my boat away, and I’ve never seen signs of issues, even when rolling in subfreezing (rarely even subzero) conditions. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Has anyone seen the fabric on old boats crack for any reason? Like after long sun exposure, or accidental heating of some sort? I’ve seen abrasions, cuts, and tears, but no cracks.

I pack mine as tight as I can. No probs even in sub-zero winter trips.