Campground Rapids, ER

Drew and I parked on the north side of the River yesterday (10/15/09) and hiked up to campground rapids. 3.51’ at the Glenn Hwy Bridge. Not quite
dragging butt yet but it’s getting closer. Looking to do some more late season day trips. Would love to tag along if you don’t mind a new, less than
intermediate rafter hanging around.


A few of us may run ER this weekend into Ft. Rich or maybe Willow. I am always up for going. We just like to go out and have fun. Call or pm me if you are interested.


We are planning to run Bridge to Bridge this Friday evening and may get a shot a Campground Rapids.

Come on along.

Here are the details :laughing:

16 of us, 9 in PRs, ran bridge-to-bridge last night, including Campground Rapid. Low low water. Scraped and bumped our way through everything. No gauged flow on the NOAA web site yet.

It seems that now that the Eagle River gauge has been fixed, that it is miscalibrated. Water levels for the evening of 6/23 showed around 950 cfs, but it was pretty pushy and juicy in the campgrounds…say more like 1200 cfs? Anyone have any historical experience of different gauge calibrations for the ER?

Just a heads up for new wood. It’s passable if you’re on your game, but worth a look if you think you might even remotely blow the line. Blundering into the center could also likely result in a bad day as well. (This is based on flows of 1800-2000cfs or so, it might not even be an issue at lower flows)

Some stuff has shifted around in the Echo Bend section as well.

Just another heads up that the right side of Campground is now completely blocked by a rather large tree. Without some help I doubt it goes anywhere anytime soon.

Echo bend was blown out and should be clear unless something new floats in. At least it was on Thursday anyway.