Caching packrafts?

I’m planning an August Brooks Range trip, and am thinking I’ll want to cache boats for a couple of days of side-trip hiking. I found this old thread inquiring about hard-sided cases for a cache,, but I haven’t seen anything since then. How have other folks approached this? Has anyone had problems with just leaving a boat, pfd, and paddle under a bush in a nylon duffel? Or is normal practice to cache boats in a hard-sided case or bear can?




After seeing many pictures of bear shredded rafts I have always hung mine like you would food. I don’t think I could fit my raft in most bear cans. Also, it is much easier to carry rope.

If the bears don’t chew on it the porcupines would, so I wouldn’t leave it anywhere unprotected.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll modify our itinerary to cache someplace where trees are available for a hang. Can anyone confirm that there are trees sufficient to hang a two-alpacka cache near Circle Lake on the Alatna? Photos of the area suggest yes.