Broken Sawyer Paddle

I busted the end of my Sawyer paddle last (and first!) time out. Since it breaks down into separate parts, I was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to pick up just the end (paddle) piece for the Sawyer. Thanks!


Contact the company directly? Perhaps. A story to go along with it usually helps. Like I had to fend off bears with my broken half, stuff like that! :slight_smile:

Yeah, tell them you had to fend off those whitewater alligators.

There’s no such thing as whitewater alligators. Everyone knows that alligators only live in New York City sewers… Thanks for the tips!

funny you mention bears because we had one step on and crack a Sawyer blade just a bit ago.

Yeah, I heard that Hig and Erin also had one stepped on and broken by a bear as well…

Although I should mention that even after being stepped on and cracked by a bear, their paddle was still usable with a bit of field repair. Not much you can do about that unless you want to hang your paddle in a tree every night. :slight_smile:

Just in case any of you were waiting on baited breath, the good people at Sawyer were able to make my paddle whole again. Thanks to the folks here for their suggestions, to Bruce at Sawyer, and to Andrew at Alpacka for all the assistance a recovering land-lubber could hope for. :slight_smile:


I never had an iota of doubt that Alpacka and Sawyer would address any issue with your paddle and make you a happy paddler, so confident was I that I ordered the Sawyer Packraft Paddle before I read of your happy reunion with your paddle.