Bosnia’s rugged Dinaric Alps create a colossal karst landscape populated by snow clad mountains, gushing springs, steep crystal clear creeks, emerald green rivers, lush valleys, primeval forests, wolves, bear, ancient architecture, and a complex culture and history. The origin of the name Bosnia dates back to the Roman Empire and the term bosana meaning water – the regions most plentiful resource. On route to ether the Adriatic Sea or Black Sea Bosnia’s many rivers have carved dramatic canyons and exciting passageways ripe for exploration by intrepid paddlers.

This is a great video with awesome shots of the runs. I did not realize that Bosnia had such great whitewater. Do you know if the flow is throughout the summer or only in the spring?

alsooo good background music for videos :slight_smile:
Rafting tour on boania Rivers or Neretva river is perhaps one of the bestest experiences , and the Tara is one of the Europe’s wildest river BUT Traveling and boating in Bosnia is not without risk. Hidden and unknown dangers lurk. Some hazards are material like the land mines that loiter on the fringes of towns and rivers. Others hazards are less tangible…