Borneo: packrafting in Kalimantan

Hey all,

Duncan Hall and I completed an awesome trip through Borneo in Oct 2012 over 2 mths. We paddled through Mulu NP as suggested by Roman Dial which was beautiful and pristine. We then went onto East Kalimantan in the Krayan highlands to do a week walk into the Bahua River and then a week paddle along it. Perfect PR river - nothing technical just lots of water, G2-3 on the sections we did. The bash through the jungle was amazing as well, as were our guides. We made shelters each night and hunted from the forest, bringing staples of rice, coffee, salt, and sugar. Here is a video that captures some of the adventures :slight_smile:

Sharon Roche

The video is blocked from playing in the US due, apparently, to restrictions on the sound track. Please post a music-less video so I (and Alaskans) can share your wonderful-sounding experience.

Hey Raven,

Thanks for the heads up, so it seems to have worked on vimeo, link below

Leme know if u have any problems

Sharon :slight_smile:

Wicked trip Sharon!!! Very envious of such travels and adventures, great to see you pair out there doing what most just dream about. Really enjoyed the vid despite seeing too much of Duncs manliness :slight_smile:


Wow, excellent looking trip with some great rapids!! A pity about all the poo, hopefully you didn’t get too sick?

Ha ha.No didn’t get sick once. It seemed like a lot of poo but in context there was a lot of water to wash it all away…every day. No shit :wink:

Hi Sharon, my partner and I are headed to Borneo in a few weeks and are hoping to spend most of our time packrafting. Your trip looks incredible, I’ve watched the video at least 3 times! I’m curious if you could send me a link to your Google Earth image of Gunung Mulu. I think we will likely try to repeat your trip. Anyother beta you might have would be greatly appreciated (other rivers to explore, places you wish you had gone, anything really). Thank you.