Bob Marshall Wilderness

The Bob Marshall Wilderness extends for 60 miles along the Continental Divide that separates the Flathead and Sun River drainages. Starting on July 3, 2012 at the Benchmark Trailhead Tom Turiano, my six-month old border collie, and I spent five days connecting the two drainages in a grand 120-mile packrafting loop. White River Pass and a long hike over Silvertip Mountain allowed us to connect descents of the North Fork of the Sun River, the White River, the South Fork of the Flathead, and the North Fork of Flathead.

Thank you for sharing your great video. I am looking forward to heading out there the second half of September.

Sweet. Did almost the same trip but started on NF Sun, went over Larch Hill and pulled out @ Spotted Bear. We started out on 6/27… Just missed ya. One of these days I will meet up with fellow packrafters in the wilderness… Rock Creek looked floatable when we hiked up to Larch Hill. Too many logjams?

Hi, looking for some info on the N. Fork of the Sun.
A buddy and I are doing a similar trip starting this Aug. 9 for 10 days. We are starting at Spotted Bear trailhead, hiking up and over Switchback Pass to the N. Fork of Sun, and down to Gibson. Then hike up to Indian Point and over Camp Creek Pass to Danaher and float the S.F. Flathead.
Is the N.F. of the Sun floatable this time of year? And where is there flow enough to put in? We were thinking around Gates Park, but maybe higher up? Lick Creek?
We would hate to get to the Sun and find out can’t float at all, otherwise we’d bag the N.F. Sun and just go into Danaher a different route.
Any feedback?

Unlikely the North Fork of the Sun will have enough water in August.

Rock Creek is a dirty little creek. Best to use the trail.

A “lite” version of a Sun - SF Flathead- Sun 100 mile loop we did last July: