Boating after T11 compression fracture

Had compression fracture of T11 and T12 snowboarding 3 weeks ago. Have to wear brace for 3 months. Hoping to get out on the water this summer. Curious If anyone has experience with this or other back injuries.

Curious how paddling will feel, Think it might hurt, but could also be good core strengthening. Probably nothing too crazy as swimming could obviously be bad. Probably won’t be 100% bone strength for 6 months or so I would guess. Not even considering this till after the brace is off in late May. Then Ill have PT for a while so not looking to get on the water till june or july realistically. At about the 4 month mark from injury. Any info/experience/recommendations would be welcome. Thanks


This is a subject best discussed with either your GP or your Ortho surgeon and I would highly recommend following their orders.