Birch, Charley, Yukon Rivers June 2015

Hey everyone,

I am looking for potential partners for a 280+ mile trip starting on the Steese Hwy, floating the Birch River(I-III), upper Salcha River, Charley River (III), and finishing on the Yukon River back to Circle, AK. It looks like there should be less than 55 miles of walking and should take 14 days. It is cheap trip too… heavy packs instead of airplanes.

This is way out there; with whitewater, canyons, and the potential for nasty overland travel… But there is amazing whitewater and scenery to be found!

I asked off work June 9-25. I live in Girdwood, AK… lets talk and give Glacier creek a whirl when it melts out a bit more.