Bikerafting Alternatives

Recently came across someone who is putting their own spin on bikerafting in using an e-scooter.

That got me thinking…

What other alternative transportation modes might be a good fit for certain applications w packrafting?

Some alternatives I could think of are:

  • Mini e-longboard / skateboard

  • Onewheel

  • E-longboard / skateboard

  • Uniwheel

  • Unicycle

  • Roller blades

  • Or perhaps just a specific type of / further modified bike for certain applications?

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or other ideas? Or if anyone has had any success / experience utilize these alternate forms of transportation?

I’ve seen quite a few photos of people skateboarding-rafting and even one guy unicycle-rafting! Roller blades would be fun in the city :slight_smile:

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How close are we to jet packs?

I know I’ve seen a fair amount of “fly-camping” done by paramotor flyers, it would be pretty epic to link maybe hiking up a mountain, then speedflying/paragliding down, and rafting back to your car.

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Folding bikes are a perfect fit for bikerafting. Bike Friday recently released a new model called the All-Packa that is designed for bikepacking, with frame clearance for 2.4-inch wide tires.


I was thinking about this yesterday for shuttling purposes. Having an e bike or scooter that you could put on a bike rack would make self-shuttling longer routes pretty easy! Anyone have something like this?

That seems like a pretty close name copy to Alpacka Raft…

We’ve got photos of longboard-rafting, unicycle-rafting, skateboard-rafting, BMX-rafting and even motorcycle-rafting and ATV-rafting in The Bikeraft Guide or at @thebikeraftguide on Instagram (and we saw the ATV-rafting I think on Kokopelli’s Instagram. People are getting creative! Though I wouldn’t recommend trying the motorcycle- or ATV-rafting :grimacing: