Big City Bikerafts

We are currently in the process of setting up a small bikeraft rental business that we are calling Big City Bikerafts. We’re starting small with a fleet of 4 Alpacka packrafts and gear available for rent. I wanted to take minute and tell you a little about what we’re doing and why. Rental packages include the packraft, paddle, PFD, dry sack and everything you need to carry the raft on a bike and a bike on the raft.

One day, we had an idea that it might be a fun Saturday to bike the Trinity River Levees from downtown Dallas to Irving, float back to downtown Dallas in the bikerafts, and then ride home before dinner. We weren’t able to find any outfitters nearby, but eventually found a few up in Utah and Colorado that hooked us up.

It was pouring rain on the day of our trip, but a little rain wasn’t going to ruin our adventure! Twelve of us set out on our bikes for what turned into a 6 hour trip (30 miles of riding and 5 miles of floating), and we had more fun we could have imagined.

We literally have not been able to stop thinking about our trip and we know there are plenty of other people that would love it too. So after sharing our story with many people and realizing there was a definite interest, we have decided to start a fleet of our own bikerafts.

We still have a few administrative task to finish up before we can rent them out but we are starting to take reservations now. We’ll be ready to rent them out by January 2013. We will rent locally as well as ship to anywhere in the US (just pay a small shipping fee).

We’d like to extend you an offer for $20 off the first day of two or more new bikeraft package rentals, just for mentioning this post.

Please check out our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, wish us luck and let us know what you think!


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