Bents Basin Friday 8th June

Hi Guys,

If there is some interest I might head down to Bents Basin and do the Silverdale to Bents Basin trip that Darren did a couple of months ago. It should be Grade II - III with about an hour or two of packing the raft in.

I could potentially do Saturday instead of Friday if it suits people better.

All the best,


P.S. I would also be keen to hit up Penrith White Water stadium in the NRS inflatables if people are most keen for that. I went on Saturday and it was great fun!

Hi Jeremy,

I can’t make this one unfortunately but take care and have fun. Couple of things…If you follow the fire trail all the way to the end of the ridge, it swings hard left and down a hill which brings you out at the put in only a few hundred meters above the fish ladder. Portage this on river left and then jump in below the weir. Don’t attempt the weir.

2nd thing is, the first Grade 3 can sieve a little on river left after the first drop so scout it for sure. All three times I’ve run it have been marginal. It’s not big or overly hard but just make a safe decision and the rest is good fun as you know. Don’t forget the pics either. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Darren.

Hi Darren,

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! We might head to the Grose this weekend rather than Bents Basin for a bit of wilderness however, I will definitely be doing the length of Bents really soon, so that feedback helps a bunch.

Indeed I will take a bunch of photos and report back here.

All the best,