Beginner packrafter in Melbourne

Hi there,
I own a packraft. I’ve just moved to Melbourne and am looking for someone to dabble with. I’m mid 40’s of OK but not great fitness and quite limited river experience so not looking to do anything extreme. Splashy class II floats and have some fun outside. OK to do some walking/hiking but again nothing extreme. I’ve done a couple of easy overnight trips. Happy to be mentored if someone feels like taking the time :slight_smile:

Tina, fom sydney so little help. There is a Vic canoe guide. A mate has one as do a good chance others here do. Good read lots of ideas. Its prime time to hit the alpine runoff down there. Find some easy rivers and have a go. I have an ACT mate who has improved a lot fromrunning such water solo. Post a simple I did this report please! Hope you find some partners.

Hi Tina, Good to hear we have another packrafter in Melbourne - there’s not many of us! There’s some good run’s around most under grade 3, mostly 2’s not to far out of town. Would be happy to organise a few trips, send me a PM.