Bear spray/air horn transport in Alaska

Hi -

For those heading to Bettles Alaska to packraft the Brooks Range, a quick question. I understand bear spray can be obtained in Bettles, and presumably then can go with you on the local floatplane to the put-in spot of your choice. When I explore rivers in bear country, I also like to carry one of those small air horn canisters (the ones that boaties use, that make a sharp, loud noise) as a first deterrent, and was wondering if anyone knows if I can get one of these at Bettles. If not, can anyone tell me if these are okay to transport (as checked luggage) on commercial airlines in Alaska?

Cheers guys

Kevin Casey
Brisbane Australia

Hi Kevin-

Bear spray can be brought on small company flights and bush flights in ALaska, though it is up to the pilot and they usually put them in a separate compartment in the plane. This is true of bear spray, fuel, and other compressed gas. I imagine compressed air noise makers are treated similarly. Not sure if they sell it in bettles, it is a pretty small place so doubtful. Check with flight company or bush pilot for carry on restrictions. hope this helps.