Base Weight

What’s everyone’s base weight when packrafting?

I’m not one to get hung up on numbers, but would like to get a general idea.

Right now I’m sitting at around 39lbs base weight.

Base weight for just boating gear, or for day trips, or overnights?
Beer gets heavy on day trips, but food adds up on multi-day excursions. :slight_smile:
Fruita, CO


Funny you should ask, I recently did a pretty meticulous weighing for a recent overnighter, a buddy and I had a friendly debate about how much things would weigh. My base weight was 27 pounds. That’s all-in, full tent, bag, mat, stove, etc. Everything except food, water and my PFD (frankly I forgot to account for the PFD since I’d be wearing it most of the time). FWIW, I have two PFD’s, a 15 oz lightweight, and a heavier more featured one, maybe 2 lbs? I also used a full pack as a stuff sack for one chamber, if I used a lighter blow-up zippered bag (Alpacka) that would drop 2+ lbs off the base weight.