Baranof river, Baranof warm springs, Catham Straight

Baranof River is located in the town of Baranof Warm Springs. Mid way along Baranof Island on the Chatham side. The river cascades into the bay along hot springs. A trail leads you up to a 2 mile long lake. B.M Hussey, G Spargo, and I hiked the trail, paddled the lake to the upper river. Then brush fucked about 2 miles up river before putting in.

Expect class I river with class II to III consequences. There were a few river wide sweepers with root wad sluices. These are all very obvious and avoidable, but if you end up in there, you will stay there. Mostly just floating on a beautiful clear creek, some rock ripples.

The wind can come up on the lake so be ready to have a long paddle if that happens.

The lower river has two bends of class II then it quickly becomes class IV, V and no thanks. Many of the rapids could be run with proper safety if you were so inclined. Most end in pool drops but they quickly stack up.

A trip over mountain from Sitka ending here would be a cool trip worth checking out.

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If you get a hankering to head over the Coast mountains to the Yukon, give Anthony D or I a ring. Lots of great trips here to be had.