baffalo system as wetsuit ?

buffalo mountain shirt and special 6 shirt are a single layer cold weather system that works more ore less like a wetsuit and is used by mountain resque teams for instance. Since they also sell pants based on the same principle i was thinking it might also work ( well enough ) as a real wetsuit in moderate conditions. if you look on youtube for buffalow shirt test you can see a guy submerged in the system and walking it dry in cold conditions in 15 minutes. Also plenty of reviews out there that sound pretty promising. I sent the company a mail with this question last week and got the following answer :

" This is an interesting one. We do know of people who have used the garment when in the water. One of the problems is that it can get very heavy which is not good. What we have always said to people who have asked us this question, which is not that many, is try it yourself in a controlled test first to see how you get on. If it works, great, if it doesn’t use a wetsuit.

They work well in cold conditions when you are out of the water, even if they are getting sprayed constantly with water as you are using your body heat to dry them out. When you are in the water, you are not able to get that heat into the Shirt so the performance will be different.

It would be good to hear how you get on though "

Has anyone out there tested this already, ore maybe own one and is willing to test this ?

grts johan