BackPack bow tiedown setups???


I’d like to see what everyone is doing in regards to strapping down there packs to the bow of their packrafts. Maybe including some pictures, so we can see what everyone is doing here. Any favorite systems / setups ?



I don’t have a good photo handy, but we put a string between the two front loops, a second string between the two loops behind that, and put a strap with a clip between the strings. You drop your pack on, clip the clip, and crank it down tight. Need to have a strong clip, and it may need to be replaced after a while in silty water. One reason we use this system is that it’s reasonably easy to detach the pack from an overturned boat to make re-entry easier. I think our system was somewhat the basis for Alpacka’s older packtach system, but they have a different system now.

I originally used a 3/4 inch peice of webbing that ran through the 4 front tie downs like a figure 8. It had a standard backpack clip and then I could crank them down by pulling tight on the tails. This was bomb proof and the raft could tumble in a keeper rapid class 4 for a while and the pack would not dislodge.

I bought the Alpacka packtach a year ago and it works really well. Not sure it would hold the bag for long duration in rough water without a paddler like my original set up, but that’s what I use now. It’s pretty slick.


Im newbie! thanks for sharing this. its useful!

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