Australian Whitewater Championships - Nymboida

They were on this week, a few km from my place, at the Nymboida Canoe Center. I ducked down for a look, man, have I got a LOT to learn ! Commonwealth and Olympic medalists abounded ! Rob, the manager of the Nymboida Canoe Centre is an ex commonwealth gold medalist. Not sure if any board members where there ?

The event spanned two weeks, with the schoolkids up first, then juniors then mens, with a day or twos break in between. The canoe center was PACKED, people camping all over the place. I am in the local Wilderness Rescue Group, so I helped out for some fund raising we did at the event, and wandered around a little with the camera at other stages

Competitors from all over the World were there; plenty of Kiwi’s, French, even saw a few Czechoslovakians etc etc

Unfortunately they had to stop a day early, due to the flooding… the irony, too much water for them !

Pity there were no rafting categories ! Thought about zipping down in a pack raft as a demonstration while the lunch break was on but common sense got the better of me :slight_smile:

More pics here if you’re interested

Nice pics Trevor! :slight_smile: