Attachment point & Floor material

Looking for some attachment point or loops and some material for floor repairs. I heard that some local (yes I mean crazy :stuck_out_tongue: ) folks (oh I mean Alaskan) might have what I need.
Thanx, Dano

Sheri must have tons of little pieces of floor material lying around for this sort of purpose…

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard from anyone regarding this. I’m would think someone out there is selling something. I got some attachment loop from Sherri when she had a shop off of Turpin Street a few years back. Now I call the phone number on the website and get some dude in Colorado. I was hoping to pick something up next time I come to town and not have to mail off to get this stuff.

Hi Dano,

I sent a bunch of floor scraps up to Eric Parsons. Give him a call or give me a call at 970 903 9996. I would be happy to mail you up some scrap fabric.

Cheers, Sheri

My # is actually 301-6678 :wink:

And yes I have officially been granted “go-to” status by Sheri for minor repairs, grab loops etc in the Anchorage area. I have materials and glue and I’m not afraid to use it.

And Dano, you get Colorado because she moved shop down there.


Thanx Sherri, just drop Eric a line and hope to hook up with him soon.

Sorry to see ya leave, nice having the manufacture close to home.

Happy Trails, Dano