Arizona's Verde River

Waiting arrival of my alpacka and other gear has left me with plenty of time to daydream of my maiden voyage. I have done some whitewater rafting in the past as well as some canoeing so I should be able to get a grasp on the packraft rather easily.

Is there anyone in arizona that has floated the verde river? There appears to be no need for permits to run the sections I have outlined in this trip and depending on flow rapids are anywhere from I - IV. This river guide is very detailed and has great information in it. According to the guide it should be close to 52 miles from beasley rec site put in to the take out at sheeps bridge rec site. If I could just put in at the bridge at 260 instead of at beasley, that would add another 10.3 miles to the trip so it would be close to 63/64 miles. I figure if done at the correct time with a proper flow I could probably take a nice relaxing 3 - 4 day trip down the river stopping along the way to explore and relax. More than likely do this some time mid to late march or early april. Anyone interested in joining me, whether it be packraft, canoe, or kayak?

I am also planning my first Verde overnight run. I’m joining a trip being organized by a kayaker for March 12-15 from Childs to Sheepbridge. (Driving the 12th, on the water the 13th.) If you are interested in joining us, I’ll put you in touch with the organizer so you can see if there is room left in the shuttle cars.
There are three Yahoo groups that go on frequent flat and whitewater trips in Arizona - Central Arizona Paddlers Club, desert_paddlers (check out this thread, and Monsoonwarriors.

thanks for the reply Carol. Although that trip sounds fun I cannot make those dates, in fact I am looking to do my trip the following week and have blocked off march 18th - 22nd for my trip. I still have not found anyone to go so logistically transportation is the only thing limiting me as I would need to set up a shuttle. If I cant set up transportation then I guess I will postpone my trip till april sometime. Definitely post a trip report when you get back Carol as I am very interested in hearing about it…and dont forget your camera either, take plenty of pictures!

Also…I couldnt read that thread you linked. I clicked it but it said I had to be a member in order to look at their club website.


Yes, you have to be a member, but I see by your post you figured that out.
Another option might be to drive to Sheep Bridge and hike upriver along a trail that runs parallel (although some distance away), then float back to your car.