APA Roundup 2023 Thread

Here’s a general discussion thread for the roundup. If you are planning to attend, please post here:

  • Name
  • Home Location and River
  • What class whitewater will you want to paddle at the roundup

The APA has just announced there will be no officially sanctioned paddling, meaning the event includes social time at camp but the time on water must be self-organized.

We might discuss here how to safely form paddling groups with strangers, and what conversations are necessary as you move up in whitewater class.

I’m Robin, based in Oakland, I’ve paddled the SF American and Arroyo Seco more than any other rivers.
I’ve paddled the Trinity and some tributaries before. I’d like to paddle the Pigeon Point run and whatever tributaries are in, up to class IV.

Objectives for the week, if the flows are in, are:

The Pigeon Pt Run is great, always happy to run that.

Here’s a map I made of all the whitewater near the event APA Roundup Map (Everything within 1 hour of Junction City) - Google My Maps

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Thanks for kicking this off Robin!

My name is Jack.

I live in Denver, so my local rivers are the Platte (Foxton/Waterton), and Clear Creek.

I’m good to paddle up through class IV. Don’t have specific targets for boating at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

This’ll be my first roundup. Stoked to meet you all!

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Hello! My name is also Jack!

I live in Asheville, North Carolina, and spend a lot of my time packrafting and kayaking here in the southeast. I would say that the Green and French Broad are my home rivers, but I’ve paddled a good bit in Montana and Idaho as well.

This will be my first Roundup, and I am very excited to meet everyone! I’m comfortable up to class IV whitewater, and am keen to see some of the sections that Robin listed, along with whatever else ends up being a good fit that weekend. I’m also very happy on easier whitewater. I just like seeing new places overall.

I’ll be flying into Seattle on May 31st, and paddling/driving with Sarah Kilbourne down to Junction City over the next week. Would love to meet up with other folks along that trip if it were to work out!

Jack Henderson


I’m Pete from Nevada City, CA. I (and my wife) have years of whitewater experience, but we’re new to packrafting. We are looking to meet up with others at the Round Up for up to class 3 (for now). I’ve kayaked some of the local Trinity runs, but not many and not in a long time. Long term, we’re hoping to meet folks in the Yuba and American drainages for future adventures. We have a good shuttle vehicle and will travel! See you at the Roundup.


Hi all, looking forward to meeting a lot of you at the roundup in a couple of weeks.

I live in Seattle and have paddled all over Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah and some in British Columbia, it’s been amazing to be able to explore near and far, roadside to deep hikes in to the wilderness.

I am comfortable in rivers up to Class IV, working my way into continuous class IV+. Love taking groups out paddling and have been trying to build a strong western Washington packraft crew.

I have done my Swiftwater Safety and Rescue course with SSI, so feel pretty confident being able to help in a situation if it should occur.

I would love to get out and explore the Trinity river area as I haven’t paddled anything around that area before.

Heck yea @MakerMatt glad you got swiftwater training with SSI!

FYI we’ve got 2 courses prior to the Roundup:

  1. Swiftwater Rescue Course - if you haven’t taken a swiftwater course before, we can not recommend this enough. It’s critical for every river user to learn basic safety concepts to keep themselves and their team safe on the water. If it’s been more than 3 seasons since your last course, it’s time to refresh! Link to register: swiftwatersafetyinstitute.com/ssi2-course/rec-i-junction-city-ca/

  2. Basic Packraft Clinic - only 4 spots left! This course is great for those who are new to packrafting and would like some fundamental paddling skills and general water reading instruction. Link to register: swiftwatersafetyinstitute.com/ssi2-course/basic-packraft-training-junction-city-ca/

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Nice work on the map @CaliPackrafting! I’m also signed up for the @SSI Swiftwater Rescue Course. Can’t wait to gain some skills and then raft with everyone!

Hello! I’ll be traveling to this year’s roundup and SSI REC-1 course from Portland, Oregon. My home river is the Clackamas (Milo McIver to Oregon City). I’ve been boating for ~6 years and previously attended an SSI paddling course (but not the roundup) in Carbondale in 2018. So this will be my first roundup!

I’m attending solo, know approximately no one, and am hoping to meet some new friends to paddle with. I’m basically a class 2 boater when trip-leading, but venture into class 3 waters with trusted pals. Hit me up if that sounds your speed!