Anyone looking at the Dirty Devil in 2020?

Curious if anyone out there is considering the Dirty Devil in UT this spring? I have the week of March 22nd off and I’d like to give it a shot if there’s water but none of my buddies are available. I have only taken my packraft out a few times but have extensive experience boating and backpacking in the desert. Let me know if anyone is interested. -Eddie egdowd at gmail

Update… it looks like two of us are going to give it a shot the week of March 23rd. Just thought I’d put it out there one more time in case anyone might be interested in joining. The general plan being to run from Hankville/Sand wash to Poison springs in 3-4 days. One of the shuttle options I’ve talked to can take 3 people and gear out from Poison springs (neither of us have a vehicle to get down that road) so if one more person was interested it would bring the cost down p/p for the shuttle. Or if a couple folks with a decent 4wd vehicle wanted to join in we could coordinate our efforts. Let me know.

Yes I’m looking to do it, but this weekend into early next week is my window.

I understand that shuttles are few and far between for this run, but curious if anyone might have a contact.

Unfortunately, I won’t be in the area until the 28th or 29th of the month and if still flowing, then we may try to get a float in. Thinking the same route and ending at Poison Springs.