Any taller boaters use a Yak?

I’ve started running more technical water lately (some class IV). Currently I have an unmodified Llama and I reckon I could be making better moves if the boat fitted me more snug. I’m 6’4’’ but have a narrow frame. I find I’m constantly using my legs to brace hard against the side tubes to prop myself up and keep scrunched into the back of the boat. There’s definitely leg room to spare riding like this…just curious is anyone of the same height disposition has used a Yak? I’m tempted to either get a Yak or start modding out my Llama. Would thigh braces and moving the seat forward help me get more purchase with the Llama? Or is it time to shell out for a second boat?

I’m picking up a new-shape Yak next week having owned a Llama for a year or so (it’s for sale, btw). I am 6 1 but 95kg and wouldn’t tackle Class IV. After making various measurements I bought the DL over the Yak last year as I’d never seen an Alpacka and assumed I’d need extra buoyancy for touring loads and occasional 2-up.
Even then, with the Llama my big feet jam in side-to-side but I don’t brace so well ‘backbone-to-heel’*, and tend to stash stuff out of the way behind the seat to move it forward. That would be the way to start I suggest, along with straps which I’ve used and liked on IKs. (I have read here that not everyone at Alpacka is keen on either of those mods.)
I only ordered a Yak because I feel the new shape makes a lot of sense, the width is said to be the same as a DL and I happen to be visiting the US. We’re it not for that I’d be happy to stick with the DL. As far as I can tell the internal dims on the new shapes are the same as the old models, but the new seat back may free more room inside with makes the Yak all the better for me. I have a feeling Alpacka may be a bit generous with their body height suggestions for each model, but better too big than too small.

  • distance = 112cm sat against a wall, fwiw.