Any Packrafters in Cairns

Heading up to Cairns from the 7-14 august - anyone want to head out for a paddle?
Cheers Haydn.

You taking a rod Hayden?


Hey Steve, Yeah rod will be packed for a flick - have not done too much saltwater stuff, so see how I go. Never realised how good the rivers are up there for rafting, although having trouble finding anything classed below IV - hence the hope for some local advice:)

Mabye flick Gus (lizardboy) a note he has been up there a few times, he may have a few pointers?

Thanks Steve, Managed to find some good water - we have to organise the next Aust meet-up on the Tully river south of Cairns, hours and hours of 3-4 grade water, runs all year round thanks to constant hydro, in-out points all clearly marked thanks to the local whitewater rafting company’s - not to mention warm weather all year round! it’s rafting utopia!

Lets book something for next winter? Sounds good to me.

The `packˊoptions are also amazing up there. Check out the misty mountains trail.