Another Tooma trip

I’m finally going to do a trip report, won’t be worth the wait so you’ve been warned. I’m shocking when it comes to writing things up and have all the excuses (crap writer, no video skills, not hard core or interesting enough, no one else writes ‘em up etc etc) but I also enjoy reading everyone else’s adventures big and small and have done some great trips due to others sharing … so I intend to right up a few of my trips over the past couple of years starting with one such trip

Last October Scott and myself ended up repeating the Steve J and company trip on the Tooma river with a slight variant (that being a lazy version by making it a chilled overnighter). Seemingly it had been a good snow season so we figured there should be enough water for a fun trip… which there was .

Anyway Scott was coming down from Sydney and after the usual faff around at my place and the slightly longer than expected drive we ended up starting the walk in mid afternoon. No matter as the 10km along the Dargals track is pretty mellow . The weather was glorious so it was no drama to get on the water late afternoon for the couple of kms paddling to the Wheelers Hut track, this section had a few little races and drops. We did the short but sharp (with poorly packed and wet gear) walk to Wheelers, which is a wonderful old stockman’s hut. I’d never stayed in one before so this was a real highlight with great views off to Jagungal in the east.

A chilly night followed, one which we didn’t do justice to Scotts cheap port, half of which was poured out … very unlike us to be sure. The following day also dawned glorious and we wandered back down to the river for a few more kms of paddling. This section has some really nice grade 2 (maybe 1 or 2 easy grade 3 ?) paddling at the level we did it at through a pretty valley. Too soon we were on the lake with a bleak headwind which thankfully was soon tucked behind some hills. We were done by early afternoon and I was home at a decent hour for once… Scott less so.

Al in all a really fine little trip and a great way to enjoy that part of the Snowys, generally pretty safe given normal care and scouting, sorry no gauge to work off suspect spring only though. Think we were likely the third party of pack rafters down it after Steve, Jules and Pete’s trip and Matts typically bold solo almost winter day trip. Think I prefer a relaxed spring overnighter !.
Some pics and one vid, hopefully give some idea of the trip

Cheers Mick

Good on you Mick!
Looks like a nice section of river.
Looking forward to your next report :slight_smile:

Nice one Mad Mick, it’s been a long time since I did that trip, nice pics and report :wink:


Looks like a great river and a fun trip.

Thanks for taking the time to post your trip report Mick.

It looks beautiful - nice photos. Cheers.

Loving the trip reports Mick, starting to get itchy feet for some fresh water, what next on your list?

G’day Haydn , thought we’d lost you to the salt water for good. Always welcome aboard, we should talk soon !

nice one!