Another Sydney Raft-Packer

Hi all!

It’s taken me way too long to get onto this forum and introduce myself. I’m a Sydney rafter (ex blue mountains). I’ve had a raft for over a year now, and it’s not had anywhere enough use, but I’d like to change that. The skinny guy with the goofy grin on his face in Steve’s (fishdejour) video of the Turross is me, and thats still one of my favourite trips ever. I’ve recently gone over to the dark side (had shell whitewater kayaks) but still love the raft and the places it can take you.

If anyone is keen, I’d love to do some missions around sydney, and further afield.

On the list particulary is the Grose (which I visit on foot fairly often) Erskine creek (which I don’t hink has been rafted?) and a long awited trip on the colo. I’m reasonably fit (though nothng to match some of the efforts I’ve seen on here!), have improving whitewater skills (though stil a novice) and plenty of enthusiasm.

On a side note. I’ve joined sydney river canoe club recently, and if anyones looking for an affordable and fun way to get into whiatewater, I’ve found it really enjoyable. I’m pretty sure many of te skill cross directly over to rafting, though the kayaks are far more nimble, tippable, and thankfull, rollable.

Nothing beats a raft for straight out goofy fun though :slight_smile:


Hi Duncan, I thought I was the only skinny goofy guy around here!
Once I’m healed I’ll post up any group trips here. The hard shell temptation is strong…
Cheers Darren.

Hey Duncan, great to see you finally on here!! How you shaping up for the Macleay? It has been way too long since we had an adventure. Just back today from paddling the Eucumbene river, put it on your list as it is a cracker packraft water:-)