Another Backband option.

So, for those still looking for a decent light backband for there packraft, here is an option.

While looking at “kayak backbands” in google images I came across
“The Colorado Chaps Company”. They make as you might have guessed chaps… and kayak backbands.

The backbands looked like a PD design backband I had many many years ago. From what I gather they use to be PD designs or have the rights to build them. Then they were under the label “Rapid Pulse” and are now Reedesign L.L.C

I liked my PD design band years ago so I emailed and started a conversation with Lorna Reed. Besides all sorts of motorcycle gear and stuff, she makes kayak backbands to order. After chatting about what I wanted and lots of questions I ordered one.

I ordered a 4"x13" with adjustable buckles on the side and 14 inch straps with a loop on the end for attaching to a d-ring. She has other hardware and it’s best to speak with her on what’s available.
It’s very simple and seems well made of a firm foam, plastic stiffener and pack cloth. . There is no neoprene so it stays very light at 112 grams/ 4oz. and you can chose from a limited number of colors plus she can make to the dimensions you want. Need a 5"x14" or 6"x16"?.. No problem.

At $42.50 delivered!.. the price was very reasonable, especially for a well made, made to your requested dimensions, made in the U.S.A. product. I ordered it on a Friday and it came the next Friday.

Really there is very little to complain about. I should have ordered it maybe an inch longer but it will work fine. Maybe it could have a bit heavier buckles on the side but I suspect they will be strong enough. There’s not any way to do a custom order on there somewhat funky website so if you want one contact Lorna directly.


Lorna VS Reed
Reedesign LLC d.b.a Colorado Chaps
3553 G Road, Palisade CO 81526

970-464-5803 office 970-640-2477 cell


Thanks. I think there was a typo in the URL Should be: