Anfibio Thigh Straps - Any Opinions?

Has anyone used or built thigh straps of this type, which are being sold in Germany? They are similar to the “standard” packraft thigh straps, but have a second piece of webbing that runs over the thigh a few inches behind the knee, that pulls the main strap outward, toward the tube, and forms a sort of pocket for the knee, which becomes sandwiched between the two straps and the tube. Looks like it might provide more contact and control. Has anyone tried this or something similar?

Have used a similar homemade set of ‘3’point’ straps for the past few years and for the last 9 months or so have used a ‘4-point’ system which has the same type of strap in front of the knee as well as behind it. Both make a massive difference and are a significant improvement on the original 2-point system which suffers from the knees still being able to have lots of lateral movement. Absolutely worth modifying your thigh straps to a similar system.

Alpacka have also produced a 4-point system that again locks the knee into the side tube.

Some photos and discussion of my DIY 3-point and 4-point straps can be found on my instagram page: mark.oates

Thanks for posting this info, Mark. I was about to put in 2-point straps, but will have to reconsider and experiment with these. Saw the exellent photos on your instagram showing strap placement. Tasmania looks awesome! (P.S.-Love your border collies!)

I own the MRS Aligator 2S, which has an additional thigh strap attachment. It’s so effective that I will never go back to a 2 point attachment thigh strap. I modifed my IK (Innova Safari) so that it has the same thing. I position the middle attachment strap to just below my knee, not above it.