Anchor set ups

What are people using for anchors? Attachment points? I run rigging all the way around the boat using the standard tie off’s… (for clipping gear into) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I’m brand new to pack rafting, only been out twice in my new boat so far. I bought this anchor, I haven’t tried to use it yet but it looks like it will work well. If I’m fishing on the river I’m sure I’ll just jump out and wade but I figure the anchor will work well if I’m in a lake with a slight current or if the wind is blowing me around.

forgot to add… I figure I’ll just tie it in with a half hitch on a carabiner on whichever side I want to pull against.

I don’t use a anchor so I can’t help you with that but…

While fishing out of my raft, the winds would blow me through the honey-holes all too quickly. Being a sailor by trade, I remember learning about these things in class even though I’ve never actually used one. Picked one up but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Good to know about it in any case.

Sea anchor aka drift sock:

Here’s some options. I like the Anchor bag and may get it someday. It all depends on how lightweight you have to be.

A basketball net and carabiner filled with rocks may be an option also.

Ive filled my stuff sack with rocks and used that for an anchor