Anyone out there packrafted it?

Which part? Quite a few people I know have done the upper Alsek and then take various routes out from Lowell Lake, for example Goatherd Mountain to Bates/Mush Lakes. Jarvis - Kaskawalsh - Alsek is another way to get into the river or of course you can go in via the Tatshenshini. I know at least one group has done the rest of the river to Dry Bay as there is a video on youtube, you should be able to find it.

Parks Canada limits the number of put-ins on the Alsek so you’ll need to plan in advance to try to get a permit. Also you are required to stay in designated camp sites.

The Duke, Donjek, Kathleen are some better packraft options in the Kluane area than the Alsek, IMHO.

Sold! That route looks fantastic, without all the expense and hassles of the Alsek. I will keep looking into the Bock, Duke, Donjek…route, thanks.