Alpackalypse Video Review

Here is my in-depth review of Alpacka’s new whitewater boat - the “Alpackalypse”. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good stuff–answers a lot of questions that certain people are asking.

I’ll differ with you on the thigh strap thing–I’ve switched from the Alpackalypse knee cups, to thigh straps, and back, and back again, several times over the last ~year. Actually, the last time was ~6 months ago, because it became evident that thigh straps can never give (or even approach) the level of locked-in control that the knee cups give.

Thigh straps are, at the moment, definitely easier to get into, and more comfortable for loooooooooooong days on the water. Knee cups are lighter, less bulky to pack, lighter when wet, and just as easy to get out of.

My hope (and guess) is that the knee cups will continue to evolve in shape.



Great review, thanks for that.

Making the transition from Llama with thigh straps to Gnarwhal with knee cups. In living room tests, my initial thoughts are the knee cups seem much more difficult to extricate from. I have the large gnarwhal (i’m right on the edge with 34 inch inseam), have the back band almost all the way back and cannot easily straighten my legs to release the cups. Any ideas what I might have wrong or what to do to improve that?

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