Alpacka Yak, White Water Deck, Cargo Zip

Yak for Sale!Sierra Red

Two seats.
-small packable seat
-more battered but longer/taller seat helps stiffen floor for white water.

Two Back Straps
-inflatable Alpacka style
-Kayack style

Thigh straps w/ quick release faster buckles.

Additional Tie Downs on Bow for bike or pack.

White Water Deck, w/ skirt.
What makes the Alpacka rafts so damned clever? (And copied?)
The Cargo Fly of course!
Includes dry bags for inside the boat.

Some Factory repairs to body.
One smaller self repair.

Plenty of photos but am having issues uploading them to this site.
Please let me know and I’ll email whatever you’d like to see.

Go paddle something fun.